In Foundation Stage at Bradley Green Primary Academy, we follow the whole school belief that ‘Knowledge is Power’. This underpins one of our key drivers- Knowledge and Understanding.

Our key drivers in Foundation Stage are:

  • Language Development
  • Social Development
  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Physical Development

These drivers are delivered through the use of high quality texts which drive our curriculum. All areas of learning are covered as an integral part of the topic work during the year. We ensure that the development of vocabulary is key.

We follow the Development Matters Curriculum which allows for age related progression.

At the start of each new unit, we share knowledge organisers – these ensure that it is clear for teachers, children and parents, the information that should be learned and remembered. Knowledge organisers are available to download from class pages and are sent home to develop home links with school.

Reception children attend weekly assemblies to focus on retrieval and ‘Knowledge is Power’ as well as developing their knowledge of global citizenship.

To promote parent partnerships and further develop our key drivers. Our class mascot, Bradley Bear is sent home with children every week, who, on his return, discuss and tell us facts about the places he has visited and things he has done.

Martin and Molly the Maths Monkeys are sent home with children every week, who, on their return, talk about the numbers, shape, money and other mathematical things they have explored with them.


In Nursery, reading is taught through modelling, a weekly focused read and daily experiences through Power of Reading texts.

Guided Reading takes place daily in Reception. All children read twice a week, whilst the other children work with Y6 buddies to practice their reading and phonics skills.

Challenge should be clearly visible in all lessons for all groups of children.

Library books are changed on a weekly basis and in Reception children have the opportunity to change their reading book three times per week.

Physical Development

Children in Nursery take part in weekly forest school sessions led by a Forest School leader. This involves them developing independence in dressing and undressing for the outdoors and supports fine and gross motor skills. It also promotes awareness of the world around us.

Both Nursery and Reception have a weekly specific P.E. lesson in which they master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities.

They learn and perform dances, led by our qualified dance teacher.

Fine motor skills are taught through ranging finger gym provision, dough disco and squiggle whilst you wiggle lessons.

Learning objectives

In Reception, learning objectives are visible in books for every lesson and focus on the skills being taught. At the end of a lesson, the learning objective should be assessed using one, two or three ticks (as shown in the feedback and marking policy).

Learning Environment

High level and rich vocabulary is displayed all around the classroom. Everything is clearly labelled with photographs and words. Working walls contain rich vocabulary, evidence of talk/discussions, models of excellence with annotations about why (discussed with the children prior to display). The use of the Power of Reading Journal to evidence working wall and all work we have done linked to the topic/text.  

Displays also showcase the children’s work and allow them to feel a sense of pride in their achievements.

All resources are accessible and available for the children to use independently.

Children’s work

Children’s work is evidenced in Power of Reading floor books/reading journals, individual children’s learning journeys and on display around the classroom. In Reception, children have Literacy and Maths books.