Bradley Green Curriculum

At Bradley Green Primary Academy, we believe that the curriculum should provide children with the experiences and knowledge of the world they live in, as we truly believe that ‘Knowledge is power’. Threaded throughout our curriculum are the four core values: confidence, curiosity, challenge and respect, which we believe are vital life skills to enable children to achieve their potential.  We provide the children with a rich and broad curriculum where all pupils can learn and achieve in our ‘Ambition for Excellence’. High quality texts drive our curriculum and allow children to be fully submerged in their learning. Each unit in our bespoke curriculum is progressive, has links to, and builds upon previous learning to enable deeper knowledge and understanding.

Aims of the curriculum at Bradley Green

  • For children to acquire knowledge
  • For children to develop a wealth of vocabulary
  • For children to embed knowledge and vocabulary into long term memory
  • For children to be exposed to concepts/scenarios that their own personal experience wouldn’t allow for

Knowledge Organisers

At Bradley Green Primary Academy, we believe that ‘Knowledge is power’. For each unit, the children take home ‘Knowledge organisers’. This document contains the essential knowledge and vocabulary that the children need to know and understand in order to access their learning. The knowledge organisers are designed to be used at home by parents to help children learn the information contained within them as well as in class.

Our aim is that all children will be able to recall all the information confidently by the end of each topic as well as retain this knowledge for future learning. To enable the retention of information, the children will be quizzed regularly on the content of both the current and any previous organisers. This has been proven to commit information to long-term memory.

We are confident that knowledge organisers help children to develop a deeper knowledge of a wide range of topics significantly improve their vocabulary.

Knowledge Organisers are available to download from class pages.

Broad and balanced curriculum

Below is a range of opportunities the children are exposed to during their time at Bradley Green Primary Academy

  • PE coaches – specialised PE provision
  • Music service – Children who have shown talent in music
  • Chess club
  • Cookery club
  • Forest school for EYFS and Y1 as well as KS2 after school provision
  • French for all children in KS2
  • Safe squad
  • Trips and visitors
  • Prison service visit
  • Opticians visit
  • Opportunity to represent school on a sports team
  • Rail safety assembly
  • Local vicar leading assemblies
  • Robin wood residential
  • Eco-week
  • Health-action week


Progression in the curriculum – Allows for progression across and within year groups. Clearly highlighted links on unit plans. Key concepts are revisited throughout the curriculum within years and across years.

Knowledge organisers – These ensure that it is clear for teachers, children and parents, the information that should be learned and remembered. Lessons are pitched at a higher level because the children have the basic knowledge.

Retrieval practice – Every lesson has a retrieval element to aid long-term memory.

Key stage assemblies to focus on retrieval and ‘Knowledge is Power’ (Continents, Countries in Europe, Flags, Significant people)

*For year group specific information, please see our class pages

*For subject specific information, please refer to the 'Our Curriculum' section