Mrs V Cameron Principal
Mrs C Hood Chair - Parent
Mrs V Massey Staff
Mrs H Farrell Community

The responsibilities of local governors include:

  • Ensuring the quality of educational provision
  • Providing support and challenge to the academy leadership team
  • Holding academy leaders to account against a range of broad and measurable outcomes identified in the Academy Improvement Plan
  • Have oversight of the academy’s financial situation
  • Helping the school to set high standards by planning for the school’s future and setting targets for school improvement and future performance

Specifically, this means that governors will:

  • Ensure high outcomes for young people
  • Identify and deal with areas of underperformance
  • Use the resources available to the academy to raise standards and provide evidence of the success of the strategies adopted
  • Raise staff performance through proper performance management and recruitment
  • Ensure that the educational provision aligns with the nature of each Academy and the strategic aims and values of the Trust
  • Report directly to the Board of Trustees

In order to discharge these duties and make a significant difference to the quality of education provided by the academy, governors should:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to furthering the achievement and progress of all learners within the academy
  • Have a commitment to the values of the Enquire Learning Trust
  • Have a commitment to collaborate working including making a contribution to the development of the Trust and it’s academies
  • Have at least one significant area of expertise that can be utilised to add value to the development of the academy and the Trust as a whole
  • Have a passion for developing learning across the locality served by the academy
  • Work with the Trust’s code of conduct

Enquire Learning Trust's Scheme of Delegation for Governance Functions

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