The whole school uses the Power of Reading as its driver for English- this approach uses only the highest quality texts and uses a range of teaching strategies that develop vocabulary development, collaboration and appreciation of a range of authors and illustrators from a range of cultures, backgrounds and historical and geographical contexts.  Where possible these link with our key topics to give children the best opportunities to link their new vocabulary and knowledge.

Power of Reading Enquiry - March 2019

We were lucky enough to be chosen as one of three Enquire Learning Trust schools to showcase our English curriculum and how we have developed our approach using The CLPE Power of Reading teaching strategies and high quality texts.
The enquiry was led by Ronnie Wood (Director of Learning and Innovation at Enquire Learning Trust), Anjali Patel (Lead advisory teacher for CLPE) and Jonathan Rodgers (Primary Advisory teacher for CLPE)
We are very proud of how well our approaches are embedded across school and our Academy Improvement Plan priorities have played a big part in how successful this approach is too.


Year group expectations


We also have a monthly spelling bee, where children are tested on the statutory spellings for that half term for their year group. This allows for a constant retrieval process and develops knowledge and understanding of spelling. 


Handwriting and letter formation begins in EYFS. In each year group we have designated handwriting lessons each week. We are extremly proud of the quality in presentation and all children strive to achieve their pen licence. 



The aim of reading at Bradley Green is to develop the reading Vipers and enable children to reach Greater Depth in reading. All pupils must be encouraged to read widely across both fiction and non-fiction to develop their knowledge of themselves and the world they live in, to establish an appreciation and love of reading, and to gain knowledge across the curriculum. We now  also use Lexia in years 3,4 and 5 to support and develop our children's reading at Bradley Green. This is a research proven program that develops children ability in reading, spelling and writing.

In order to master the reading curriculum teachers must develop the core comprehension skills. Using the reading VIPERS question stems, questions can be quickly generated. Teachers can ensure that all of the main comprehension skills are covered weekly, taken from VIPERS. Class teachers must ensure that they choose high quality and age appropriate texts to share with their class. In school we have several resources that provide a wide range of text types. Literacy shed + has planning linked to VIPERS, and the Primary Education books are also a good starting point.

Children must have time to also free read to help develop the love of reading.

Children have a range of reading schemes to choose from including Oxford Reading Tree, Fireflies, Project X and a range of real books.

Here is a link to some useful websites.



All children are encouraged to read at home - not just their reading book, it could be a library book, the newspaper or comics!



Reading for Pleasure

Learning to read is a right of all children.  We encourage pupils to read for pleasure to ensure they get access to the very best that is out there.  Classes have class story books, teachers encourage children to recommend books to each other and our librarians are on hand at lunchtime to offer great reads. We also have author visits to school and encourage parents to join us for reading events throughout the year. 

Below are 50 recommended reads for each year group.

Recommended Reads



School uses the Read Write Inc scheme for the delivery of phonics teaching from Nursery to Year 2.


Here are some useful documents which explains the teaching of phonics at Bradley Green.



Here are some resorces which you may find useful when helping your child at home.

Phonics documents for parents