Welcome to Nursery!

Tour of Nursery

This half term our teaching and learning will focus mini beasts and in particular, worms! Our focus text will be 'Yucky Worms' by Vivian French. In this book, a boy learns from observing worms in the garden alongside his grandmother and discovers that they are not so yucky after all. He finds out that their eating and excretion habits are helpful in recycling material which is good for the soil and helps plants grow. Gran dispels the myth that cutting worms in half doesn’t hurt them. All our learning will stem from this book. We are looking forward to another exciting half term of learning. 


Knowledge Organiser 

Here is the Knowledge Organiser to support this learning. Please play games or make quizzes about the content to help your child learn this information. 




Here is this half term's newsletter that explains all the information about the things we will be learning this half term. 



Nursery Times and Organisation

At Bradley Green we have Morning and Afternoon Nursery sessions and we now offer 30 hour funded places.

Morning Nursery starts at 8.30am and ends at 11.30am. Afternoon Nursery starts at 12.15pm and the session ends at 3.15pm. 

Our 30 hour places are from 8.30am until 3.15pm. You can purchase a school dinner or provide a packed lunch. 

Mrs Turner is the teacher in Nursery and Mrs Depledge is the teaching assistant.  If you are interested in enrolling your child in Bradley Green Nursery please contact Mrs. Wood on 0161 368 2166.

At Bradley Green Primary Academy we believe that every child matters and that every day in school matters. Therefore, we strive hard to make sure that the experiences and opportunities we provide for our youngest children are exciting and interesting so that they become curious and develop a love of learning.  We want the children at Bradley Green to feel like every day at school is the best day in their life.

The children in Nursery have the opportunity to develop and learn in indoor and outdoor environments that ignite interest and a love of learning. 

Forest School

This video takes a look at some brilliant adult-led learning experiences in the forest school in nursery.

There are many imaginative activities that the children engage in using natural resources, and that develop skills across the whole curriculum. There are some amazing activities, including:

-Finding sticks and measuring with them

-Using sticks in open-ended ways, and imagining them in different roles, such as a unicorn horn or a sword

-Using natural sticks as rhythm sticks and claves, and using them to make music and keep the beat to songs.

-Using sticks to explore the outdoor area, hitting different objects such as the fence and discriminating the sounds that objects make

-Using sticks for simple phonic exploration

There is a great use of singing and music in this setting, even in the forest school, which really brings learning to life.

In this next video, the children engaged in all sorts of free choice activities in their forest setting. They used dangerous tools, such as potato peelers for whittling bark off sticks. They climbed up pallets and experienced the thrill and danger of height.

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