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This half term's learning will be linked to 'Owl Babies'

Separation is one of the big traumas of childhood. In this utterly simple yet deeply moving picture book all that happens is that three owlets are left alone whilst their mother goes off into the night to hunt for food. The older ones think and reason (‘Owls think a lot’) - but Bill, the youngest can only cry ‘I want my mummy!’ Patrick Benson’s dark and feathery pictures are as touching and unfussy as Martin Waddell’s text.


The lessons will be designed to encourage conversation, visual literacy and imaginative role-play as the story unfolds. The book offers scope for exploring the themes of separation, fear and sibling relationships through this touching story of an owl family. It also explores fear of the dark and the theme of ‘night’ to which the author regularly returns. The illuminated illustrations of the owls enhance the mood of the story, creating a sense of anticipation. It is a thought provoking and memorable read in which the children enjoy chiming in and tuning in to the patterned language and rhythm of story. Lessons will offer plentiful and engaging opportunities for children to revisit, retell and re-enact the story, and respond in meaningful ways.


Reception Organisation

Reception Teacher and Foundation Stage Leader: Mrs L Blackshaw

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Rearden, Mrs Walton, Mrs Lord Jones.

Welcome to our class page. In Reception we learn through exploring and investigating, we love learning indoors and outdoors.  

Homework is set on a Tuesday and should be returned to school the following Monday.  

Reading Books are changed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Books should be returned to school when their child is ready for their book to be changed. 

Library Books are changed every Monday, these are for you to read to your child to help them develop a love of reading. 

PE takes place weekly on Friday morning. The children remove their shoes and socks until the Summer Term, when they are expected to have their P.E. kit.  Please ensure your child has their PE kit available in school in the Summer term.  Pupils may wish to bring black pumps in for PE

Reception Information

Useful websites:

Reading / Phonics: www.teachyourmonstertoread.com

Phonics: www.phonicsplay.co.uk

Phonics: www.epicphonics.com

Phonics: www.mrthornenetwork.com/phonics

Maths: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Search.aspx?Subject=37



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Sing along and learn the phase 2 tricky words.

Tricky words phase 3
Sing along and learn phase 3 tricky words.

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Supports blending and segmenting of words.


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What to expect, when?
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